The National Marketing Research Company in Bethesda, Magellan, is releasing Phase III of the Shogol Research Theater and its intention to return to the theater when it reopens after a corona virus epidemic. This stage focuses on the national model of theater goers. Previously released was a Phase I study of Washington, DC and a Phase II study of New York / Broadway.

There has been a lot of talk across the country about the epidemic when the theaters reopen. Whenever that happens, will theaters across the country be ready to take over? This study shows that many theater goers are looking forward to getting back to what they like, but mostly right away. We will not do that. It will be difficult again, with some waiting a long time before rejoining. It is based on the following results:

Only one-third (36%) of theater goers say that when they reopen, they are more likely to return during the new season, while 1 in 6 (16%) are less likely to return. Is. Even if the theaters have ruled out the possibility of returning them all, and perhaps one-third of those with some reservations about the return and score in the middle of the scale (46%), a third former audience Suggests an initial loss.

• Most theatergoers will initially adopt a "wait and see" attitude about how quickly they return during the new season. About two-thirds (63%) suggest that they will probably wait at least a few months or more before attending, and a significant number (229) say they will wait about a month or more. Will wait Less than a fifth (18%) think that if they want to see something, they do it right away. Will be present With most of the spring and summer seasons canceled, it will pose significant challenges to theaters across the country in terms of earning revenue.

Increasing the challenge for theaters is the intention of two major subgroups. One group, the 55-year-olds and older, has a significant population going to the theater and is also infected with the virus. Only 21% of them are very likely to return to the new season, while 80% (23%) are very unlikely. Furthermore, 45% of this population think they will wait 6 months or more before returning, and they are much more likely to have a decrease in attendance frequency (45%) than an increase (11%). Is.

Things are a bit more positive among the other major categories, frequent theater goers (4 times a year or more). Encouragingly, many times the audience intends to go to the theater after reopening (41%), less than in previous years (28%). Also, the reopening of the theater in the new group is likely to bring back a large percentage (48%) in this group. But it is discouraging that this means that more than half of the people are still unlikely to return when opened. On the negative side too, about 6 out of 10 theater goers (57%) will probably wait a few months or more before attending and a quarter (25%) full 6 months or so Will wait longer

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The survey found that many theater-goers will not return to theaters nationally immediately when they reopen.

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