The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is considering its own options for returning live performances, which may include only half of the orchestra on stage.

Jeff Alexander, the current CSO association, told WBBM that the orchestra could have a grand opening program, or a step-by-step re-opening with musicians practicing social distance on stage.

"Our current measurements show that we can get half the orchestra on stage – so, about 48 to 50 musicians," he said. "There are a lot of collections that can be performed by a lot of musicians, with a lot of amazing collections."

Alexander also said that the audience would need to go social distance, which would leave only 420 patrons in the 2,500-capacity auditorium.

Despite donors, family bases and corporate sponsors, the CSO will still face a "multi-million dollar deficit" this year.

The orchestra's autumn season is set to begin in the third week of September.

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The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is considering reopening a reduced size with socially distant musicians and audiences.

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