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Technology can enable our eyes to see different worlds


Most of us have not traveled much lately, but VR allows you to go to the beach, explore the mountains and more without leaving home. Virtual reality (sometimes called VR) is a technology that deceives the brain. In-depth understanding of the artificial world, even if it is based on flat images. View all entries in the Let’s Find Out series. Since our eyes are slightly apart, the images seen by each eye are slightly different.

Perceiving the depth of the eyes helps us see the distance of the object, but in virtual reality technology, each eye can present slightly different images. When the computer continuously sends these images, it will produce the illusion of three-dimensional space. The picture can turn your head, walk through the entire virtual world and dance.

Many people like virtual reality games.But science can also be conducted in a virtual world. Some scientists use virtual reality to help people overcome the fear of heights. Others use it to help people relieve pain. Nowadays, virtual reality is mainly visual. people can. “In these virtual worlds, you can’t hear any noise or touch objects. But scientists are also studying this. One day, you will walk in one of these worlds, touching or smelling objects that don’t actually exist.


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Scenery can relieve pain: Going to polar attractions through virtual reality relieves the temporary tingling on the viewer’s skin. The same virtual reality also reduces the chronic pain of the simulation.(01.10.2020) Readability: 6.7



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