Hamilton's performance at the Pentagon Theater in Los Angeles has been canceled until September 6 due to a health crisis. The show's run has been extended to February 28 to accommodate the change.

Production has announced that it has begun returning canceled performances, which ticket holders will receive by June 5. People with rescheduled performance tickets were instructed to wait for more information.

The show was initially suspended on March 31, which was announced on March 12, before the performances could begin. The suspension was later extended to mid-April

"All of us at Hollywood and Hamilton's Broadway, we hope you are safe and well during this difficult time," the production said in a statement Monday. "We understand our responsibility to make careful choices in your health and safety service."

For the latest production updates, visit http://www.broadwayinhollywood.com/HamiltonUpdates.

source by https://www.researchers.com/los-angeles/article/HAMILTON-at-the-Pantages-Cancelled-Through-September-6-Run-Extended-Through-February-20200512

Hamilton in the Paints was canceled until September 6. Run the extension through February

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