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Imlie Written Episode Update

Imlie and Satyakam return home. Mithi asks where she would be if she fell somewhere. Satyakam says he buried someone. Mithi asks who. Imlie says he buried Babu Saheb. Mithi is shocked and asks why you did this. Satyakam asks why you saved him. Imlie says he’s my husband, he …

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RadhaKrishn Written Episode Update

Radhika believes that Hanumanji has Ashtisiddhi and Naunidhiyan and that even Parvati ji will not come to help her. What should she do now? Devi Parvathi feels bad when he sees that Radhika is tense. Mahadev returns to her. She asks him why he arrived early while he was meditating. …

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Pandya Store Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Krish asking Rishita to stand up, he’s Krish … Dhara calls Rishita. Krish says you can catch me, sorry. He runs away. Dhara comes and is surprised to see Rishita. She asks what happened, how did you get there? Here Rishita faints, Dhara screams Gautam, Shiva …

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