The Adelaide Performing Arts Center (PAC) is bringing you a unique, interactive, virtual theater experience on the home screen. "Solid Solid Body", which includes Adelaide students and alumni, addresses teens amid an epidemic disease, cross-screen connections and the dangerous discovery of mental health in a country where touching young people is deadly. لگاتا ہے۔ Performances on Zoom will run from May 17 to 24.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and The Tempest, a cross-pollination of "solid fish," is the story of an unconventional distance learning institution where students hiding behind screen names are mostly left to become teachers. A troubled student, O, tries to find a connection between his thoughts and his own. To create a virtual experience, the story will be brought to life through a mix of live performances, pre-recorded classes, app integration and much more that is interactive and in-depth.

"Solid Body" is a fairly family affair, written by Meghan Lohani, and, like the creators and directors of Shoshana Tarco, Lord Free Scan, creates immersive text-based theatrical experiences using emerging technology in a theater. Who win immovable feminine stories. The story is inspired by the real experiences of students who were displaced and living in quarantine.

Lohne said, "The answer to & # 39; Toll Solid Floss & # 39; was derived from a question mark created for Adilefi students about how they felt between being confined to their childhood homes during an epidemic." "I was humbled by the honest, mysterious and heartbreaking answers, which felt quite epic and my courage to say, Shakespearean."

Iron and Tarko's project, words like Fresh Skin, Killer and Now, "Very Solid Body", is moving to incorporate tech and emotional intimacy in all sorts of modern and innovative ways that you can find in the raw, emotional moment. Yes, every day, at high risk. .

"I've always been interested in exploring the cross-section of theater and technology," said Tarko. Tried to see as an opportunity. I am very proud of the entire creative team (4 stage managers, 3 designers and 18 actors). Really weird thing. "

Adelaide students, alumni will present live virtual theater productions about life in quarantine

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Adelaide students, alumni will present live virtual theater productions about life in quarantine

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